Wedding Wednesday #1: Film Photography

I’ve long been an avid fan of film photography. What I love about film is how raw and organic it is, and how perfectly it seems to capture natural light. Because my affinity for film has only deepened over time, I knew it was precisely the medium I would choose for our wedding. This girl has entire Pinterest boards dedicated to it!

Here are just a few of my favorite shots from some noted (and much loved) film photographers. How brilliant and exquisite is their work?

S-w-oooo-n. Napa wedding by the one and only Jose Villa – featured on Style Me Pretty.

Look at that sunset peaking through, and notice how “organic” these shots look. Obsessed. (images above courtesy of Jose Villa Photography)

Texas-based Ryan Ray’s (who happens to be one of the more thoughtful, sincere and kind-hearted photographers I’ve come across in this industry) work is equally stunning and beautiful. What an eye!

images above courtesy of Ryan Ray Photography

And our dear Nashville’s own Tec Petaja? As Frank from “Father of the Bride” would say: genius. Sheer Genius.

Sucker for black and white film shots…

the two shots above are courtesy of Tec Petaja

One thing I will guarantee: there will be no “posey-posey” traditional church shots of my family and bridal party at my wedding. Loathe. I’m much more apt to gravitate towards candid, informal “formals,” if that makes sense. Tec’s shot above fits the bill.

Can you see why I love it so? I haven’t even touched the tip of the iceberg – there are so many more talented photographers whose work I adore and respect (both film and digital alike).

Stay chic & stay tuned!


I can’t wait to share the film photographer we decided to go with (after a detailed and thorough search process). His work is beautiful, and I’m anxious to see some of the more tender, candid moments he’ll capture on film.


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